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Leptis Magna (Lepcis Magna), one of the most spectacular and unspoilt Roman ruins in the Mediterranean, located on Libya's coast about 130km east of the modern capital Tripoli. However despite such an impressive and vast site it is largely empty given the recent political climate between Libya and the West. Small groups of western tourists do visit under guided tours as the political climate thaws but the site lies largely empty and not highly secured. These images taken in March 2006 show the Marketplace in Leptis Magna, where a recent theft had appeared to have taken place with some of the marble bases, depicting dolphins and griffins, that held the market stalls, appear to have been ripped out of the ground and stolen. The tyremarks of the getaway veicle are nearby. Despite being a UNESCO world heritage site - one of five in Libya - the preservation and security of such unique heritage must be a concern.